The Byron House

This generous family home intended to encapsulate what it means to live in Byron Bay. The open, 'relaxed' residence is site responsive and outward-looking yet sheltered and warm. All main living spaces were arranged along a central spine that cascaded down the slope of the site, with the same earthy, natural materials used both internally and externally. 

The spine links the arrival of the kitchen, living, outdoor terrace, pool and lawn/play space for the clients children below. The family room incorporates in to the large negative-space outdoor terrace. This was to seamlessly blend the threshold between indoors and out and be predominately left open to enjoy the year long enjoyable climate.  A centralised kitchen allows for views to the recreational areas, while the sunken lounge nestles in to the existing landscape, with views to the beach beyond. 

Australian local materials were used both internally, externally and within the landscape to compliment  the nature reserve  adjacent and views surrounding. Two louvred boxes over the open split level areas were broken by the centralised spine as read from the street. The boxes were used to frame views to the lighthouse and beach beyond with linear dark cladding for a recessive exterior. Striking mechanical louvres were used for privacy security, and ventialtion. 


Project Team: Paul Uhlmann, Brittany Cooke, Sarah Payne, Rachel Nolan 


Completed 2018 

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