The Wave
Monaco Renovation
Sunbrite Residence
The Annex
The Barn
The Box
The Byron House
The Tennis Pavilion

Not dictated to by any particular style or fashion, Paul Uhlmann Architects respond to the individual requirements of each particular client and site, creating diverse and expressive responses. These projects range from residences along the east coast of Australia, to resort and residential projects in China, Sri Lanka & Fiji.

Paul Uhlmann Architects provides a personalized service from a team of dedicated design professionals, who are committed to fulfilling the client's individual needs. The development of this close personal relationship between Paul Uhlmann Architects and our clients is evident in the success of the building process and the beauty of the final product.

Recognition of this commitment to design has been given by the achievement of numerous Royal Australian Institute of Architects Awards and national publications. Paul Uhlmann Architects is continually aware of budget and economic requirements of a building project. These inherent factors of a project are incorporated into the project from its outset.

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