Dryandras Residence

The Dryandras Residence is a beachfront residence at Casuarina Beach designed by Paul Uhlmann Architects. A split level plan was used on the flat site to create elevated bedroom and secondary living spaces that could take advantage of views through a double height living space.

The design intent was to link the secondary living spaces with the main living plane and the large landscaped yard beyond. This helps focus the internal views to the significant dunal vegetation located to the east of the site. The large landscaped yard was linked by a covered deck space with swimming pool to the living room.

 Building materials are low maintenance to overcome the extreme coastal environment. Local Tweed Valley stone cladding helps bed the design into the coastal dual landscape, much like the local rural stone walls found in the area. Internal finishes included light timber floor, cabinet and ceiling panels which provide a casual ambience that reflects the owners beach lifestyle.

Project team: Paul Uhlmann, Sarah Payne, Brenton Blenkins
Photographer: Katie Holmes

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