Millar Residence

This Gold Coast beach house was designed to accommodate a family of five who wanted to take full advantage of their secluded beach side location. On approach, a series of screen fences and sunshades create a layer over the west facing building façade to provide shade and a visual interest. The front façade and entry is a 4m high split face block wall which provides grounding to the lightweight elements above. The wall alternatives between split face and smooth blocks, adding texture and creates a pattern which occurs throughout many elements of the building, including the windows, front door and fence.

The double storey entry space is linked to the northern facing two storey living areas. This is the central planning idea for the design, which allows this space to be flooded with natural light and allows for a glimpse through the pool courtyard to the forest and ridge line above. This central void space also acts as a divide between first floor bedroom spaces for the parents and children. Circulation around the first floor is via a series of linking bridges allowing connection to the main living spaces below. Painted external chamferboard cladding is also brought through to the inside of the main living area to blur the line between inside and outside.

The pool and surrounding timber deck feels apart of the living room as the main sliding doors retract to connect both internal and external spaces. The external entertaining area has been designed as an extension of the kitchen with built-in BBQ, bar facilities and built-in ceiling heating.

Project Team Paul Uhlmann, David Currie, Sarah Payne

Completion Date 2012

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